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battery saving tips

6 Tips to Save Battery Life on Your Android Smartphone/Tablet

     Nowadays, most of the people using Android Smartphone, which helps to complete their tasks easily in various ways. They are facing a severe problem that the Battery doesn’t stand for a long time. It is because of using the
free up space on android

5 Tips to Free Up Internal Space on Your Android Phone/Tablet

     Basically, Android Phone or Tablet users will store their photos, videos, files, etc., on the phone Internal memory. Most of the users facing a serious problem that the Internal memory of the phone are getting full. This means that
speedup android phone

Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Performance & Speed

Generally Gadget Lovers prefer to use an Android smartphone than any other kind of devices, because of its simple user interface and speed performance. According to a recent report, Android grabs over 80% of the smartphone users around the world. But